At first I thought, oh no another slippery slope argument (I distrust 'em) and it's about the lowest bandwidth cognitive manipulation you can imagine. But then I realized (like the other commenters) that it's the marketing monster putting out another feeler, another way to hack our brains. And I feel Barrett was naive to assume (as she said she did) that anything educational could come of it. I'm no scholar of it, but my impression is that, since the invention of modern marketing, no influencing opportunity, no matter how morally dubious, has been passed over unless and until a law forbids it. Barrett says that current protections are enough. But what would happen if a test case was based on some wildly entertaining ad campaign and the industry lawyered up? If I was Barrett I would quietly back away from this and let it be forgotten. She has plenty of media coverage from her other work. Anyway, good coverage of the story from you.

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Every waking and dreaming moment of your life, interrupted. Just because smart people figure out how to do it. We need to recognize personal (private) boundaries, and respect them once again.

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There are truly so many points to set out in your piece that my brain is caught into a day-dremy mode. My stance is overall strongly against such an enterprise. Will you be by the way surprised if I confess I've been an experimental subject of a dream project as I became by being picked on without my consent? if negative, you already know more than you wrote.

Let me omit the details of my personal story. The project is sinister because:

Industrially, it will inevitably in the future head to visual material marketing by the motion picture industry most notably, which dreams to insert their productions directly into human brains regardless of reposing or wakening states of brains. Brain based audience/viewers pay their portions even before they choose to be buyers. But how? That will be figured out by the industry and neuro-technology, I certainly guess.

The procedure is very simple as you cited. In practice, it suffices for certain words or phrases in repetitions to be covered within a wave form as micro-audible with no cease. The methodology is akin to brain washing in a chamber, if not torture chamber, or hidden words overlapping background music in a supermarket. Not most obviously hearable, but audible phrases are carried by microwaves in air, diffused from somewhere. Where? Here, the subject matter of neuroscience matters also as spy stories. Like, yes, Havana Syndrome.

There will be regulations issues too. Wavy escapes by criminals. Not only monetary delinquencies, but psychopathic crimes. No one wants own brain to become a trash box or something even worse.

Thank you for the interesting piece anyway. I will continue to read your publications here.

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Great article. People have been using dream technology for centuries, in fact many ancient Greek oracles had an oneiromantic element to receiving whatever wisdom the gods saw fit to give. I think the part that alarms most of us is the introduction of the profit motive. We see how that's played out in other industries, and I shudder to think of that awful new ways that monster could rear it's ugly head in our otherwise sacred sleep space.

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The idea of Targeted Dreams are crazy. Seems like Inception movie was real!

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