The Intrinsic Perspective is about consilience: breaking down the disciplinary barriers between science, history, literature, and cultural commentary. It started in 2021 and has received a Substack featured publication badge every year since.

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Who is Erik Hoel?

An essayist. A writer who grew up in his mother’s independent bookstore. Before getting on Substack, he wrote a debut novel, The Revelations, was a New York City Emerging Writer’s Fellow, and published essays in publications like The Atlantic.

Erik also received his PhD in neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a Forbes 30 Under 30 in science, a visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced study in Princeton, and is known for several scientific hypotheses, like causal emergence and the Overfitted Brain Hypothesis. Erik recently left his professorship at Tufts University to write on Substack full-time. He is 35 and lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

What’s all this unique art?

The Intrinsic Perspective has a resident artist, illustrator Alexander Naughton, who reads early drafts of essays and reacts to them artistically. His own Substack can be found here. Alexander Naughton is open for commissions for other projects, and does everything from magazine covers to album art.

Portrait of the author, by Alexander Naughton


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