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2022 was not the year of consilience

The banality of ChatGPT

Quantum effects in the brain, academia is enervated, ChatGPT, Kanye

The invincible human moth


FTX: Effective altruism can't run from its Frankenstein's monster

Goodbye academia, hello Substack

EA funding implodes, bees play, Chinese sci-fi takes over, lab leak redux

How geniuses used to be raised

Karens and the nature of evil

Exit the supersensorium

Kurzweil returns, Shannon's "ultimate machine," Amis on nuclear war

The Intrinsic Perspective's community speaks!

When social media controls the nuclear codes

How AI's critics end up serving the AIs

A contest won, exoplanets discovered, publishing in perspective

The gossip trap

We owe the future, but why?

Why I am not an effective altruist

Alien physics, serotonin and medieval humorism, Substack as art

How prestige outlets like The Guardian get away with copypasta

Eating meat is good, says the philosopher

Why does culture get less happy year after year?

False memories, aliens, and the observational turn

From AI to abortion, the scientific failure to understand consciousness harms the nation

All writing is centralizing onto Substack

Humans see p-zombies everywhere

Plagiarism, aristocratic tutoring, emergence

Why watch other people play video games?

AI-art isn't art

Secrets of the publishing industry

Blogger drama. Lots of blogger drama.

Corporations vs. the demarcation problem

How to prevent the coming inhuman future

The future of literature is video games

Objections to the importance of aristocratic tutoring

Why we stopped making Einsteins

We can't imagine an "end of history" in sci-fi anymore

AI makes animists of us all

CGI did, in fact, ruin movies

The 2050 Project

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