Sitemap - 2023 - The Intrinsic Perspective

The Intrinsic Perspective's subscriber writing: part 1

Walled gardens mean online writing is dead. Long live online writing!

Ambitious theories of consciousness are not "scientific misinformation"

Serial killers are out. Subway pushers and mass shooters are in.

LK-99 as a cautionary tale for prediction markets

Desiderata #15: links and commentary

Consciousness is a great mystery. Its definition isn't.

Reception for The World Behind the World

What the heck happened in 2012?

I want to read your work (call for subscriber writing)

Please don't sue the scientists who exposed your papers for containing bad data

Desiderata #14: links and commentary


Star Trek predicted generative AI, and the future of fiction, literally perfectly

On my increasing nervousness as publication of my book draws near

The internet's "town square" is dead

The Intrinsic Podcast #3: What does it mean to be an intellectual online?



High-tech pastoral as the new aesthetic

Desiderata #13: links and commentary

AI writing is proliferating in major media organizations

The UFO craze was created by government nepotism and incompetent journalism

Stop trying to make a "good" social media site

The White House agrees you have a small brain

The mind-body problem was discovered by a princess

Desiderata #12: links and commentary

Your IQ isn't 160. No one's is.

The Intrinsic Podcast #2: Traditional publishing is dying

I owe my career to the SAT

Elon Musk's Substack ban was needless drama. Where did the adults go?

Why is my novel a hit in Italy but not the United States?

Desiderata #11: Or, the time I got ChatGPT to happily design a death camp


Why are famous writers suddenly terrible when they write on Substack?

How to navigate the AI apocalypse as a sane person

"I am Bing, and I am evil"

Desiderata #10: links and commentary

The Intrinsic Podcast #1: Can science escape academia?

INTRODUCING: The World Behind the World

Remote work is the best thing to happen to families in decades

If serotonin isn't linked to depression, why do SSRIs even work?

Video! Game! Addiction!

Desiderata #9: links and commentary

8 New Year's resolutions for The Intrinsic Perspective (and 1 for me)